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Pre-Cast Walls

Cost effective and quick to install

This method of perimeter walling has been around for many years and has proofed to be a popular and cost effective alternative to traditional brick and mortar walls. The success of pre-cast is evident all around us, it’s everywhere. However, similar to the traditional brick method these walls can and does go wrong for exactly the same reasons. But here’s the good part, it’s cost effective, quick to install and if you select a reputable installer the end result will last you a very long time. When it eventually does go wrong it’s quick and inexpensive to repair. Not satisfied with the existing height of the wall? No problem, these walls can easily be extended through Pre-cast Extensions. We supply and install a large selection of different pre-cast wall designs with the following heights: 1.8, 2.1 and 2.4 meters.

The downside to these walls is their aesthetical appearance and weak security characteristics. By knocking out a single panel criminals can easily gain access to a property rendering the expensive electric fence on top of the wall completely useless. However, we have a solution with a 100% success rate which eliminate this problem completely namely, Plastered Pre-cast.